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December 18, 2016, 05:05 PM
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SteamID: STEAM_0:0:74175846
Name: IGN:Kurt IRL:Kurt Johnson
Age (13+): 15
Gender (Optional): Male
Time on Server: As of January 28: 5days 22Hours
Why do you think you should be staff?: I think i should be staff because i dedicate lots of time into Gmod and respect other players well, im already starting
to get along well with the staff who are not always on. I get play around 2 hours on weekdays and lots on the weekends, so if i am part i will be able to enforce
the rules and make the server a more enjoyable place for the fair player.
Removed 2 Questions due to a game mode difference.

You see a staff member abusing his powers by slaying randomly, or kicking people for no reason, or because "He wants his friend in." What do you do?:

I would start by giving him a warning with private message telling them to stop or i will contact the owner, and if he does it again i would contact someone of higher authority telling him of the situation. If no one gets on i will take matters in to my own hands and temp-ban him.  Rules are Rules
no matter if your a regular player or and Operator, i want to make it fair for everybody

There's a conflict between two staff members and it's getting heated, what do you do?:

I would tell them both to lay off and tell them that there is no reason for this argument. If argument re occurs I will tell them to take there argument off the server and that if they were to stay on the server I would have to contact someone of higher authority and temp-ban them both.
Agreements (Yes or No)

I agree that there will be no payment made to me, and this is completely volunteer: Yes
I agree to make an uptime of at least 5 hour per week (If you are traveling or other, forum message xbeastguyx): Yes(I can mostly play every day)
I am just typing yes after everything:Yes... im joking im reading everything and answering honnestly.
I agree to not disobey the rules due to my rank: Yes
I will abuse: No
I agree to ask upper staff when unsure: Yes

Recommendations (If any, must be from current staff on the server)
None right now.

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