Author Topic: Get Crunk's Ban Appeal  (Read 1271 times)

May 19, 2016, 02:37 PM
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Get Crunk

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Your name: Get Crunk

Your SteamID:    STEAM_0:1:80090759

Your Steam Community profile link:

Ban Link (if you don't know, go to and search for your name):

Server you were banned from: Beast Surf Deathmatch [Custom Gamemode|CSS Like|... And also the other Beast Surf Server

What did you get banned for? (if you don't know, go to!cake Anticheat: Incident STEAM_0:1:80090759/13: console variable manipulation, clientside lua execution
Now I know that is an auto deny probably but I can explain it. I was on Hack vs Hack earlier that day and forgot I had sv_allowcslua 1 on making cake auto ban me when I joined Beast Surf.

Why are you appealing? (based upon above): I'm appealing because Beast Surf is probably the most fun of all surf servers... Jump pack makes it easier to get farther and do better, plus I knew everyone on the server at the time.
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