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April 21, 2016, 09:47 PM
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Hi everyone. You may see me around the surf server often (I'm on practically 24/7). I'm a decent surfer, and I'll be sharing sharing some tips and tricks to get you started with surfing.

!jp: turns off jump pack for those who are actually good :^). Enter the command again to re-enable it.

!r: restarts you to the beginning of the map.

To go to spectators, press F1 and go to Spectators (The right side)

Binds: Binds are useful for many things. Some for spirals, and others for other things. To bind a spiral bind, for example, go into console and type bind key "+left" for counter-clockwise spirals, and +right for clockwise spirals (less common).

F2 shows the records for the map you're playing. You can also scroll through the maps.

To mute someone, hold tab, go to their name, and right click it.

!rtv: rocks the vote. If enough people rtv, the map will change.

!thirdperson: changes your view to third person. Enter the command again to disable it.

!nominate: Use this to nominate a map you would like to be played next.

                                                          Actual surfing:
 When surfing, be sure to hold the correct keys on the correct sides of the ramp. On the right side of the ramp, hold a. On the LEFT side of the ramp, hold d. DO NOT PRESS W OR S. W will make you slide off the ramp, and S will stop you.
When you get onto a ramp, start at the top of the ramp. Then, work your way down the ramp, and when you're about to dismount the ramp, flick back towards the top of the ramp. This is optimal for surfing.

Keeping momentum: This is very important when surfing. To keep your momentum, don't make sudden jerks. Be as smooth as you can to gain speed. Lower your in-game sensitivity or mouse DPI to help be smoother.

Spirals: This can be a difficult part of surfing for newbies. Spirals can be made easier by using binds like +left or +right. Be as smooth as you can when entering spirals. They will get easier the more you practice them.

Prespeeding: This is a term used to explain bhopping, usually at the start of a map, to gain momentum faster. Sometimes, there will be a glitch in the center of the stage/map that will stop you. Use a spiral bind like +left and hold the A key to bhop in a circle. This is the fastest way to gain momentum.

Practice: Practice is probably one of the most important things you have to do. Just keep surfing. Things will get easier the more you surf.

Currently, this server does not have knives or bonuses. "!knife" and "!bonus/!b" will not work on this server. Don't even try using the commands. They won't work.

I will add anything that I feel is necessary to help you surf.

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