Author Topic: Reporting a User - Process and Etiquette  (Read 1306 times)

January 20, 2016, 04:15 PM
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When reporting a user, follow the proper format

When replying to a report, keep your comments concise, about the reporter/reported, and factually based.

All ranks can post a +1, -1, and =0 on any report. Rank admin and up on the server that the post is applicable to can deny a report for technicality, and any rank super-admin and up can accept a report and deny a report for vague reasons.

When an admin and up finishes a report (whether denied or accepted) alert a website moderator:
♥Goman693♥ [STEAM_0:1:65776872]
xbeastguyx [STEAM_0:0:59915803]
Nebula [STEAM_0:0:80180543]
vinvin55 [STEAM_0:0:98724852]
Pyro [STEAM_0:0:5211929]

212jake [STEAM_0:1:40921699]
[FF]NickLD [STEAM_0:1:59872134]
so that we can lock and move the post appropriately.

All reports will be dealt with within 2 weeks of posting.
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