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January 06, 2016, 09:47 AM
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Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:55421154

Name: GalacticSoundz (Kyle)

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Time on server:      0w , 2d , 9h

Time Zone:                      UTC-04:00 (/5 Eastern Time)

Why do you think you should be staff?
I think I should be staff for multiple reasons; I should be staff because I am a very kind person and warm to the heart. I also enjoy spending my time helping other people e.x. helping staff the server. I am a very calm person relative to most people during intense situations. I will not always be on duty. Although I won't be doing that I will though be having an eye out the entire time. I will only go into noclip and use other commands on a staff related issue. I will not abuse any powers during my time at this server nor will I allow the misuse of any command on the server or the abuse of any rule.

I know a lot of the staff who play on the server. I always get along with other players and want to be allied to everyone because I want to be able to get to know everyone. I know most of the regular playing players and a lot of the Donators. I am also a very active player on the server. I plan on donating when I get the money. When I do get the money I plan on getting a Custom Class and perhaps even the Saber with it. I might also get one of the money packages.

My past as a staff member on other servers is almost flawless other than the one demotion for inactivity because of a malfunction of my computer. Now that I got that fixed I am the active player I have always been. I could not post on the forums at the time. Ever since then I could not find a server similar to it. This server was called PissPoor Gaming.  They did not have enough money and although there were a lot of people on the server at the time but not enough money being donated. The server got shut down. The reason I put this is because I wanted to let you know that I found that similarity in this server. Fun, Actionous, and popular! It would be a fantastic opportunity to become apart of the staff on this server.

Thank you for your time, and as always I hope you accept this application!

~ GalacticSoundz (Kyle)
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January 09, 2016, 12:20 AM
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Really fun guy to play with and would be a great staff member fairly new and already freinds with many members of the community including me :)

January 10, 2016, 02:16 AM
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Yeah so, I'm the owner.

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