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December 06, 2015, 01:16 PM
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Name (Not including last name):Terry
Age (13+):14
Gender (Optional):Male
Time on Server:1week, 3 hours
Why do you think you should be staff?:I was staff since almost the beging of the server and then A lot of bad stuff was going on so that Disabled me from playing for a while causing me to be demoted
A person RDM's a traitor and gets reported. He enters random letters and numbers to fill up the required text amount to get out of the menu. What do you do?:Ignore the report and inform him that he has to put in a proper explanation.

An innocent gets RDM'd by another innocent. He enters a decent explanation but the other player doesn't forgive them. What do you do?:I'd apoligize and then accpet the report.

You see a staff member abusing his powers by slaying randomly, or kicking people for no reason, or because "He wants his friend in." What do you do?:Report this to higher staf and post on forums about the abuse.

There's a conflict between two staff members and it's getting heated, what do you do?:Break it up pick the more reasonable argument.

Agreements (Yes or No)

I agree that there will be no payment made to me, and this is completely volunteer:Yes.
I agree to make an uptime of at least 5 hour per week (If you are traveling or other, forum message xbeastguyx): I can't promise this i will be moving.
I am just typing yes after everything:hell no.
I agree to not disobey the rules due to my rank:Yes.
I will abuse:No.
I agree to ask upper staff when unsure:Yes.

December 13, 2015, 12:53 AM
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Accepted! Congratulations you are being promoted to Trial-Operator, after a week of close evaluation by the three head-admins, it will be determined whether or not you will be promoted to Operator. Thanks for playing on the server, {My own words: Don't fuck up.}

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