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August 18, 2015, 07:17 PM
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Beast Gaming TTT Rules

1. Do not mic spam/chat spam.
2. Do not RDM.
3. Do not attempt RDM.
4. Do not leave during slay round.
5. What you state in a report is what the staff will use and ONLY use, unless they have questions.
6. Do not false report a player.
7. Do not kill AFK players until overtime.
8. T-Baiting is KOSable.
9. Walking over an unidentified body is KOSable.
10. Do not use a pornographic or sexually explicit spray of any kind.
11. Do not lie to staff.
12. No advertising.
13. Detectives are the only one who can force test.
14. You're only allowed to kill one person in overtime on suspicions.
15. No asking to become staff/No asking for a promotion.
16. No insulting staff.
17. No consecutive use of capital letters ex. (Hi How Are You?).
18. Do not kill people for spelling something wrong.
19. Do not spam staff on steam, this will result in a ban.
20. No prop surfing.
21. No prop killing.
22. No claiming unless detective in overtime.
23. No KOSing based on live-checks until overtime.
24. No racism.
25. Staff does not have the right to violate any one of these rules, remember you set the image.
26. You cannot kill someone who appears holstered after someone blows up from remote C4.
27. No bullying.
28. Don't disrespect players.
29. No harassing.
30. Do not hack.
31. Report RDMers (!Report).
32. No ghosting (We can tell if you are, do not try).
33. You have all the right to make your own server, however you may NOT invite any player from Beast Gaming.
34. Do no do random votes.
35. Don't exploit the maps.
36. Don't use Stun Gun randomly as Detective.
37. Don't use Vacuum randomly as Detective.
38. If you are suspected of Ghosting or otherwise teaming with a friend and you have a private profile, staff reserves the right to slay you and discuss the situation further with you.
39. Speak English on the vocal chat.

By joining the server, you AGREE that if you are suspected of ghosting, your mic will be forced on.
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