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June 13, 2015, 03:40 PM
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General Rules:
1. No spamming.  This includes vocal, and textual.
2. No pornographic sprays.
3. No cheating/hacking.
4. No racism.
5. No bullying or harassing of other players.
6. No asking for ranks.  If you would like to donate for admin, you can do so at
7. Don't have names that you can't target.
8. Only songs in the jukebox. Ex: commentary, or anything just with narrative content is insufficient and will be skipped. Parodies, for example, are allowed. As long as it is considered music in some type of form.
9. Admins skipping songs with an insufficient reason is considered abuse, and you can report it. Troll songs/artists, such as moonman - notorious ..., is considered a song, but is extremely racist as well as trollish content.

And most importantly...
Have fun!
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