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General Discussion / Call out post
« on: January 25, 2016, 06:54 AM »
wasps are assholes

General Discussion / this gives me life
« on: November 02, 2015, 12:18 AM »

General Discussion / shut up
« on: October 23, 2015, 02:39 PM »

General Discussion / Important.
« on: October 07, 2015, 11:03 PM »
If you're too immature then don't comment

General Discussion / dont k me again
« on: October 03, 2015, 08:38 PM »
dont fucking k me again

General Discussion / fight me
« on: September 21, 2015, 10:20 PM »

General Discussion / fix this pyro
« on: September 18, 2015, 10:20 PM »

Funny Stuff / LOL
« on: September 18, 2015, 09:02 PM »

General Discussion / Look at my bird
« on: September 16, 2015, 06:58 AM »

General Discussion / When da bae mad
« on: September 10, 2015, 12:07 AM »

Funny Stuff / It ain't hate it's heritage!
« on: September 07, 2015, 08:36 PM »
Drivin' down the street when:

General Discussion / This booty
« on: August 17, 2015, 09:06 PM »
Everybody like booty.

Funny Stuff / Alpha The Idiot (3)
« on: August 11, 2015, 10:06 PM »
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: Ye
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: s
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: You are both asian mother fuckers who have no life and should go get some friends you two whores. go Fuck some more people on the side of the road you hookers
Nebula: Go cry more
Nebula: Go cry more
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: Cuz u fucked me
Nebula: Cry about it
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: And neb
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: ive seen ur face
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: it looks like my ass with make uo
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: up
Nebula: cry about it
Nebula: cry about it babe
Nebula: I'll buy you tissues
Beast Jin: Yeesh.
Beast Jin: And here I thought alpha was trying.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: im not gonna cry about it, its ur face who looks like a donket's ass, a dolphins ass, and a gorilla ass
xbeastguyx: GUYS!
xbeastguyx: STOP
Nebula: Is this your attempt
Nebula: to make me feel bad
Nebula: I literally don't care
Nebula: about you
Nebula: or what comes out of your mouth
xbeastguyx: Literally, both sides of this argument... You're both acting immature.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: Ok, tranny nebula go suck ur moms cock
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: u ugly ass hoe
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: and jin u mother fucker
Beast Jin: Oh I'm so hurt.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: go suk ur granmothers cock
Beast Jin: Maybe I will nuke you after all.
Beast Jin: You know, since I have those.
Beast Jin: Duh.
Beast Jin: I'm Kim Jong Un.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: u look like an asian who's gonna make anime all his life when he grows up
Nebula: look at this kid
Nebula: I told you
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: but not just any, pron
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: porn
Beast Jin: Pron.
Beast Jin: Oh yes all the pron.
Beast Jin: I'm gonna make pron alpha.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: My names not Alpha
Beast Jin: Whatever, alpha.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: And i hope you know my real name
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: cuz i dont like whores with the asshole the size of texas knowin my real name
Beast Jin: Wah wah.
Beast Jin: Done talking yet?
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: I could beat your little asian ass so why dont you stay behind ur screen
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: with tech support
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: u little asian
Beast Jin: Oh I'm so scared of alpha making empty insults.
Beast Jin: Tell you what.
Beast Jin: You find wherever I live, and we can fight.
Beast Jin: You seem to know your way around hacking, right?
Nebula: is he done
Nebula: im tired of stupidity
Nebula: like looking at it
Nebula: reasoning with a rock is easier
Beast Jin: Neb you know what is funny
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: but im gonna go bcuz i have a life thats not gonna fuck dead asian hookers for life like you and neb'
Beast Jin: he sounds like every other little kid on games
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: Jin ur a little asian cunt
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: a big dirty cunt
Beast Jin: "fuck u u can suck ur grandmas cock imma kill you but i dont wanna cuz ur a cunt"
Beast Jin: Apparently he's not done yet.
Beast Jin: Please, keep crying.
Beast Jin: I'm sick and demented and I wanna drink your tears.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: Im gonna go bomb asia and poor jin and neb will no longer be existent so bai!
Beast Jin: Well actually
Beast Jin: we live in America.
Beast Jin: Bomb your country you dolt.
Beast Jin: USA! USA!
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: its funny hearing ur comebacks jin
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: to bad u cant make a girl cum
Beast Jin: What, is your dick the size of a bus? Like all the cool kids?
Beast Jin: You say my comebacks are bad but all you can retaliate with is "go fuck an asian hooker"
Beast Jin: Like, what?
Beast Jin: I'm confused here. My little asian mind can't comprehend engrish.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: !warn Jin to small of dick
Beast Jin: And for the record, Asians outnumber Americans.
Nebula: And since he has no argument to back up anything he has accused of me
Nebula: He's resorting to petty insults.
Nebula: lol
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: Nebula ive seen ur actual face
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: and you kno iit
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: u little asian whore
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: on skype
Beast Jin: She gets more dick than you.
Beast Jin: Jealous?
Beast Jin: All the booty.
Beast Jin: All of it.
Beast Jin: Oh. I know.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: no bcuz its the same - 0
Beast Jin: You've fucked twice as many girls as me.
Beast Jin: 2 times 0 is 0
Beast Jin: What a surprise.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: ya cuz im not gonna fuck at age 12
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: u fuckin high m8
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: go smoke some more weed
Beast Jin: What does influence of drugs have to do with this?
Beast Jin: Smoke weed everyday
Beast Jin: hehehe
Beast Jin: First I'm a hooker, then I'm a druggie. The way I see it, I'm getting high on life and you're complaining about it.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: ur gonna end up some day tryin to break cuffs, but u wont, ull just stay in the back of a police cruiser
Beast Jin: Statistically, there are more whites arrested than Asians.
Beast Jin: But what do I know? Clearly nothing.
Beast Jin: How long does it even take you to type an insult?
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: Well we whites were allowed in america b4 any asians
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: ever heard of ellis island?
Beast Jin: Changing the subject again.
Beast Jin: Sad as always.
Beast Jin: ur just mad kid
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: Im not mad im happy u asian slut
Nebula: OMMGG
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: u IQ level 1
Nebula: I CANT
Beast Jin: nah u mad
Beast Jin: u mad kid
Nebula: SOMMG
Nebula: OMG
Beast Jin: u mad n sad
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: OMFG IM NEB OMG
Nebula: I never dealt with this stupidity
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: OMG
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: Jeez.... ever looked in a mirror neb?
Nebula: "well we whites were allowed in america b4 any asians"
Nebula: Print that
Nebula: and this whole chat
Nebula: To his stupidity
Beast Jin: got it
Beast Jin: ill add it to notepad
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: nebula b4 i leave i want u to know ur in my bio - i congratulate u
Beast Jin: That is called harrassment and your account can be banned because of it.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: and jin ur dicks actual size -> 8-D '''
Beast Jin: Also, you just got yourself permabanned.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: OK?
Beast Jin: Have a nice day.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: U think i want to come back?
Beast Jin: Yeah.
Beast Jin: You did today, didn't you?
Beast Jin: You'll just come crawling back to us agian.
Beast Jin: again.*
Beast Jin: Hey, maybe you can feature me too? You know, in your bio?
Beast Jin: Because I wanna be famous!
Beast Jin: Call me lil wang
Nebula: is he done
Nebula: he's so stupid
[Sch.] Salvador [16th ID] [G1] has been invited to chat.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: I came back bcuz beast suggested to me that i wait a month then come back and c if it changed.... The shit server didnt
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: Fuck u im done
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan left chat.
Beast Jin: yay
Nebula: sweet baby jesus
Nebula: I wanted to voice chat
Beast Jin: report him for harrassment
Nebula: oui

Funny Stuff / Alpha The Idiot (2)
« on: August 11, 2015, 10:05 PM »
Nebula: My dislike for you began when I kept hearing you use "fag" and "gay" as insults to other staff and players. That's digusting to use that as a slur on people. Gay people are not insults. This didn't appear out of nowhere because I decided to randomly hate you. You did this. Your actions, abuse, disrespect to the staff and even users on the server, and even to me, made me start hating you. You realize all this stemmed from you? You caused this. These are consquences from your own ignorance and disregard for anyone. I wanted you demoted from the start because I saw your abuse on the server and disgusting actions towards other. I didn't do it to exercise my "higher rank". If that was true, you would've been gone the second I disliked you, or anyone I started finding annoying. If you cared about "any war" you would've never started insulting other players or abusing your commands regardless of how many warns you've been given. You even attacked Salvador and abused your kick. You kept launching yourself, after the second time I warned you. Then you went to go whine Beastguy. You even attacked me for having "God complex" so quit playing the damn victim card.  Your actions on the server is pure evidence that you have no care or consideration for other players. Bullshit. Franky, you crying has not affect on me. Everything I've done and said to you was from your own actions caused your own retribution. Some reason you don't understand that concept that all these consquences were your own doing. And you don't respect me, you've talked shit about me plenty of times. Unlike you Alpha, I'm not going to pretend I respect or like you. I don't. You've caused enough grief on the server and staff where I will always dislike you.
Nebula: *frankly
Nebula: Everything I do to you was in reaction to your abuse and bullshit. Don't cry about stuff you did to yourself.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: you kno what? ban me from the server or demote me.... idc, im going to go become a moderator on another server that i already have my foot in the door-- but b4 i go, Nebula, I respect all people as a person - I am a holy Chatholic and i stay as true to the commandments as i can. And also - Fag and Gay are as eaqual as calling people dick suckers(like some1 in this chat) or other stuff around that area
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: i give up
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: Why stay in a place where people dislike you anyways?
Nebula: You started this shit Alpha.
Nebula: I just reacted to it. And so did other people.
Beast Jin: Alpha, grow up. You do after all have plenty of time to do so in life.
Beast Jin: You need to stop victimizing Nebula for shit that is actually relavent.
Beast Jin: Relevant.*
Beast Jin: Anyways, in the end, you'll just end up complaining to the owner of Beast TTT and want to return to us.
Nebula: You're an idiot.
Beast Jin: Cut the act. Cut the bullshit.
Nebula: You're gross. Using fag and gay as insults and pretending to use it as a synonym as that. We all know what you meant. So stop lying.
Nebula: Also to the age thing.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: I may be running away from my problems, but that is what i do, and ^ us not necessary bcuz u got what u wanted
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: JUST STOP
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: STOP
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: STOP
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: STOP
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: IDC
Beast Jin: Stop spamming.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: I DONT WANT THIS
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: JUST STOP
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: PLZ
xbeastguyx is now playing Garry's Mod. Click here to join.
Beast Jin: I'll warn you for that.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: IM LEAVING
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: WELL I DID
Beast Jin: Sucks to be you.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: I CANT ALTER THE PAST
Beast Jin: No you can't.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: U DONT HAVE TO RUB IT IN
Beast Jin: look at this
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: FUCK U JIN
Nebula: Also to the age thing, Freddy is more mature than you and the same age.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: THE GLOVES ARE FUCING COMING
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: OFF
Beast Jin: this is just evident proof that you were making a front
Beast Jin: look
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: IM AM DONE
Beast Jin: you were actually spelling pretty decently
Beast Jin: now you're just resorting back to u again
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: U R TRYING
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: U R LITTERALLY TRYING TO PISS ME OFF
Beast Jin: I actually think it's the opposite.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: FUCK U JIN
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: U LITTERALLY ARE THE APIDIMY OF MAN
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: U LITTERALY WILL BE LIKE KIM JUNG UN
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: AND NUKE THIS WHOLE FUCKING WORLD
Beast Jin: That's racism.
Beast Jin: You will be warned.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: THATS NOT REALISM
Beast Jin: Racism.*
Beast Jin: Learn to read.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: RACISM ITS REALISM
Beast Jin: Two different words my friend.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: IM AN AMERICAN
Beast Jin: Also, it's epidemy.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: OFG
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: OMFG
Nebula: Fucking stop it right fucking now.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: JIN WHERE THE FUCK DO YOU LIVE
Nebula: You are gross and ignorant and dumb as shit.
Beast Jin: More rudeness to staff and players.
Nebula: Stop changing the argument
Beast Jin: As well as unneccesary swearing.
Nebula: We called you out on bullshit.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: I have an IQ over 147
Nebula: And now you're attempting to change it.
Beast Jin: Oh cool.
Beast Jin: Want a medal?
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: NO I DONT WANT A MEDAL
Beast Jin: Are you sure?
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: I WANT YOU BOTH TO JUST STOP
Beast Jin: Kids seem to like awards.
Beast Jin: You know alpha, that's what we wanted too.
Beast Jin: We wanted you to stop.
Beast Jin: We really did
Beast Jin: but.
Beast Jin: Just look at where that has gotten us.
Beast Jin: You have an IQ of 147?
Beast Jin: And you can't spell you out. Or epidemy.
Beast Jin: I might also warn you for spamming the chat btdubs.
Nebula: oh my god.
Nebula: go already
Nebula: I've warned you
Nebula: This is me attempting to reason with you
Beast Jin: What's he doing?
Nebula: Obviously you can't
Nebula: If you can't deal with the consquences of your bullshit and abuse, you should've never done it in the first place.
Beast Jin: I should also note you're trying to use the pity-points card.
Beast Jin: Again.
Beast Jin:
Nebula: It didn't work because there is no pity.
Nebula: Anyway
Nebula: I've always established that I disliked you and even told you why.
Nebula: Did you bother to do anything about it?
Nebula: No
Beast Jin is now playing Garry's Mod. Click here to join.
Beast Jin: If you have anythign else to say, say it.

Funny Stuff / Alpha The Idiot (1)
« on: August 11, 2015, 10:04 PM »
This is an old conversation about an old staff member, Alpha Kenny Juan. The idiot.

xbeastguyx: Okay.
xbeastguyx: So, now were all here.
xbeastguyx: What exactly has been going on between everyone.  Alpha, you start.
xbeastguyx: and no one reacts until it is their turn.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: one sec
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: im gonna leave the server so i can talk
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: So, I start with one person then the next
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: First Nebula, You have not liked me for about 2-3 months now, and i get that you do not like me, but that does not mean we have to fight about stuff and get butthurt angry at eachother....
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: You have been trying to get me demoted from my position because you are a "higher rank". although a higher rank on that server does make you higher in command, it does not make you more as a person because it is a video game. for instance, you dont put in your reseme (excuse my spelling) i'm a super admin on a garry;s mod or go around to your friends and tell them " Hey! im a super admin on this server!"
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: brb - Parents want me
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: back
xbeastguyx: Neb?
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: hold
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: im still goin
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: 1 last thing oon neb then jin
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: What im trying to say to you nebula is you have friends and i have friends some may like us both others not, but we still need to get along so we dont cause war everytime were together - Thanks nebula for your consideration
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: then theres you JIn
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: I dont know when you came to hate me, but that doesnt matter right now
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: it's basically the same story as Nebula except diferent in the way of reasons of hatred to me
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: You just like to jump in with nebula and you insult me
xbeastguyx is now playing Garry's Mod. Click here to join.
Nebula: Are you done.
Beast Jin is now playing Garry's Mod. Click here to join.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: One day you made me cry for 30 min... I relize its a game, but a game is not words, words mean things - I believe that the famous saying "Sticks and stones make break my bone, but words will never hurt me" is false - If you think about, most bullying is word of mouth and not hitting, you i feel has cyber bullied me and i do not respect that, I respect Nebula as a person more than you - I feel that is all i have to say - who's ever turn it is now, you may go
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: 1 last thing you guys are prob range from 5-9 years older than me, so im still as old as Freddy The Bear
Beast Jin: Alright. SO. I strongly believe this "argument" you have formed is very forged. Fake. Crying? You? Yeah right. From your history on the server, you haven't really input any good into it. Disrespect to players. Rudeness to Staff. General fuckery to the whole god damn server. On TOP of all of that, you like to abuse your power. I don't care if it's a 1-damage slap or an explode-respawn, it's abuse. And you loooooove abusing. Your comment on Nebula is irrelavent to the argument. We have different friends. Okay, and? That doesn't contribute to anything. Have you ever considered why we don't like you? When I "suddenly" started hating you, it was because I could no longer stand your blatant stupidity. Believe me, I tried to remain as neutral as I could. And another thing. On your statement towards rank, she didn't want you demoted because she was a higher rank, power had nothing to do with getting you demoted. If you were paying attention to anything Neb and I said, it was a unanimous staff agreement to have you demoted. I am about to sound like I kiss ass; Nebula is very humble about her powers on the server.
Beast Jin: Anyways, you sound quite more formal than you usually do on the server. I stand by my statement. You are talking that way because you wanna seem like the victim. "fuck off neb" "ugh i cant stand this sal is the t" And from what I heard, recently you told Nebula once more, to fuck off. I'm not surprised by that. I believe this "cyber-bullying" topic is a front that you've created to distract us from what is really the main topic here. You're not the victim, you're the suspect. The deciever. A big, fat, liar.
Beast Jin: I believe I'm done with my standpoint here. Neb take the wheel.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan left chat.
Beast Jin: Do you fucking see that shit.
Beast Jin: He fucking left. Incredible.
Beast Jin: Unbefuckinglievable.
xbeastguyx: He accidently closed steam
Beast Jin: Did he really? Or is he making another lie?
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan entered chat.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: Ok back
Beast Jin: Welcome back.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: i saw JIn's stuff
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: and that was it
xbeastguyx: Neb's replying
xbeastguyx: Neb is taking a while...
Beast Jin: Because she has a lot to say.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: ill add a quick notaion then to Jin's responce then
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: You may not believe me with the tears as they are true, but i am only 12 - in 1 week 13 - I have grown up in a very different place then you - My dad takes a lot of self-confidence away - People at my school call me names - Im not the best student in school - My parents fight a lot, and I feel i am the only one keeping them from not divorcing - I've had thoghts of subicide ---- People are very sensiteve when they have been broken down to close to nothing
xbeastguyx is now playing Garry's Mod. Click here to join.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: ....any second now
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: ...this is gonna hurt... a lot
Beast Jin: Just shut up and wait. You had your turn and I had mine.
(Patriots Fan) Alpha Kenny Juan: O.O

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