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General Discussion / 2 Years.
« on: February 08, 2016, 11:09 PM »
I know I'm late on this, but I've just had a lot going on recently.

February 3rd, 2014, the day Beast TTT was created.

Here we are, over two years later with myself still being the owner of Beast Gaming!  Not only is it now much larger than I had ever expected it to become, but it has become a community.  It went from being a single server to an entire gaming community, and I still can't believe how much it has grown...

When I started Beast TTT, I had expected to create a TTT server and just run it with what I wanted.  Along the way of it, I made lots of friends, and had amazing experiences, but never expected there to be more.  I originally thought that I would make a server, keep it up with my friends and I, with somewhat of a community, then take it down once I get bored of it all.  Crazy enough, I'm sitting here over two years since the day I made my first server payment with so many amazing experiences from the various servers.  In fact, let me just list the servers I've hosted under the Beast Gaming community.

Beast TTT - 2014-2016 [Varied over time between 24/7 Minecraft and normal rotation]
Beast Surf - 2015-2016
Beast Surf Deathmatch - 2015-2016
No longer run:
Beast Deathrun - 2015
Beast Bunny Hop - 2015
Beast DarkRP - 2015 * [Not GoldenRP]
Beast CS:GO Surf - 2015
GoldenRP - 2015-2016

Never did I ever expect to go past TTT on Garry's Mod...
I guess things change though!

As the owner of this community, I always had goals and dreams from the start... Crazy enough, I hit those goals and am still mind-blown about hitting them.

1,000+ Steam Group Members
Own Multiple Servers
Meet New People

I'm mind blown at what I've achieved...
I'm still able to say I'm the proud owner of Beast Gaming, despite the masses of drama and more that has gone on over time.

This community has pushed be to become so much more than I would've ever been without it.  I was pushed to try new things and interact with a lot more people than I ever expected, but it was all for the better.  I became so much closer to so many people because of this community, making so many close friends from it.  I'd be a lot more different than I am now if it weren't for this community.

Still can't get over that time... Two years is just, wow...
I still remember getting my first server like it was yesterday.

Of course, in this two year period, there have been lots of people that came and left.  There have been so many people that became a part of the Beast Gaming legacy, plus many more to come.

I hope everyone has enjoyed their experiences they've had in the community, and I hope for many more experiences to come of this.  Here's to another year!

~Michael - "xbeastguyx"

Funny Stuff / xbeastguyx = scriptkiddie confirmed?
« on: October 10, 2015, 02:43 PM »


Looking to apply to the Beast Gaming CS:GO Team?

Time in Game:
Best Weapon(s):
Worst Weapon(s):
Mouse Sensitivity:

Current Members:
[Leader] xbeastguyx - Entry Fragger / AWPer.
[Leader] pyro - Rifle Main.

General Discussion / CS:GO - Beast Gaming Edition [Brainstorming]
« on: October 02, 2015, 09:57 PM »
Well, speaking lots of people in the Beast Gaming community play CS:GO, I was thinking, why not make a CS:GO team?

So, to start, what ranks are you guys?

General Discussion / Current State.
« on: September 10, 2015, 09:16 PM »
Well, school's started again...

With this school year I've already gained a peak of how much I'll be having to do in terms of work, and it doesn't look too fun.  I already got lot's of homework on my second day, and it's pretty crazy to think this is only the beginning.  This means I will be dedicating heavy server maintenance to weekends since I will most likely be weighed down on weekdays.  As well as meaning that I will be desperate for trying to find my own time for fun.

While I don't plan on letting this affect the server, it means I will be a lot more busy, a lot more sleep deprived, and a lot more stressed.  So, please don't fret if you message me and I don't respond once you send it.  I will most likely be doing the opposite of what I did last year, and idling with a game open on Steam while I did my work, since I often got distracted and stayed up way later than I should've.  I will most likely keep Steam closed until my work is done.  If it is urgent, please contact Pyro ( to contact me.

Funny Stuff / I won.
« on: September 06, 2015, 03:06 PM »

"Congratulation!" and "tu".

Seems legit.

General Discussions / TTT RULES
« on: August 18, 2015, 07:17 PM »
Beast Gaming TTT Rules

1. Do not mic spam/chat spam.
2. Do not RDM.
3. Do not attempt RDM.
4. Do not leave during slay round.
5. What you state in a report is what the staff will use and ONLY use, unless they have questions.
6. Do not false report a player.
7. Do not kill AFK players until overtime.
8. T-Baiting is KOSable.
9. Walking over an unidentified body is KOSable.
10. Do not use a pornographic or sexually explicit spray of any kind.
11. Do not lie to staff.
12. No advertising.
13. Detectives are the only one who can force test.
14. You're only allowed to kill one person in overtime on suspicions.
15. No asking to become staff/No asking for a promotion.
16. No insulting staff.
17. No consecutive use of capital letters ex. (Hi How Are You?).
18. Do not kill people for spelling something wrong.
19. Do not spam staff on steam, this will result in a ban.
20. No prop surfing.
21. No prop killing.
22. No claiming unless detective in overtime.
23. No KOSing based on live-checks until overtime.
24. No racism.
25. Staff does not have the right to violate any one of these rules, remember you set the image.
26. You cannot kill someone who appears holstered after someone blows up from remote C4.
27. No bullying.
28. Don't disrespect players.
29. No harassing.
30. Do not hack.
31. Report RDMers (!Report).
32. No ghosting (We can tell if you are, do not try).
33. You have all the right to make your own server, however you may NOT invite any player from Beast Gaming.
34. Do no do random votes.
35. Don't exploit the maps.
36. Don't use Stun Gun randomly as Detective.
37. Don't use Vacuum randomly as Detective.
38. If you are suspected of Ghosting or otherwise teaming with a friend and you have a private profile, staff reserves the right to slay you and discuss the situation further with you.
39. Speak English on the vocal chat.

By joining the server, you AGREE that if you are suspected of ghosting, your mic will be forced on.

Funny Stuff / Rust
« on: August 17, 2015, 10:17 PM »
With another outstanding game from our friends over at Facepunch Studios, we had to showcase our best moment of the game's pure amazement.

General Discussions / Maps
« on: July 29, 2015, 11:30 PM »
Majority wins.

Any map is now going to be the new norm for Beast TTT!

I am currently in the process of making a backup of the current server before I upload everything, once this is done, I will upload all of the maps.

If this fails, we will revert to the previous state of 24/7 Minecraft.

General Discussions / [VERY IMPORTANT] Maps
« on: July 21, 2015, 12:17 AM »
As of now, 24/7 Minecraft is, well, boring.  I think that we should mix it up a bit, and add more than just Minecraft maps.  This will give the server a much better feel, and widen the amount of maps that are played upon, as currently, it is very limited.  So, what I want you guys to do, is reply in this format.

How long you've played:
Keep or change:

Name: xbeastguyx
How long you've played: Way too many
Keep or change: Change
Why: Minecraft maps are getting very boring, and I feel that changing it to any map will make it more fun for everyone.

General Discussions / [VERY IMPORTANT] Part two.
« on: July 04, 2015, 05:45 PM »
So, the server has been entirely restored to a new state.  This has cut down on lots of the FPS drop, making it mostly playable.  Overtime, I will be adding things back, however this is about the M9K Weapons.  Any old player will know that I had made a huge change in the M9K weapons back in September, changing their entire functionality, and adding the firemodes, etc.  However, some people would like the weapons to return to their old functionality, lacking most of these cool features.  So now, what do you guys think?

General Discussions / [VERY IMPORTANT] The current state.
« on: July 03, 2015, 12:41 AM »
The server is at a dead point.  It has unreal amounts of lag, and lot's of issues with it.  What I feel should be done is that I reset the server, and build it up again from the base.  This should help clear all of the lag, and then make it a lot better for the community.  However, I need everyone's opinion, what do you think should happen?

General Discussions / Staff Rules: Bans, Slays, Kicks and more.
« on: June 19, 2015, 09:50 PM »

Commands: !slaynr *name* *rounds*

Before you slay, ask for both sides of the argument, and if possible a witness.  Try to get someone who isn't friends with either, so a non-biased idea if present.

I RDM I - 1 Slay
I RDM T - 2 Slays
I RDM D - 2 Slays
D RDM I - 1 Slay
D RDM T - 2 Slays
D RDM D - 2 Slays
T RDM T - 2 Slays


Commands: !kick *name* *reason*

Before kicking, confirm that the person is indeed violating the rules, and not joking around with people.  Make sure with other staff basically.

Kick for:
Excessive Cursing
Disrespect (If joins and continues, 1 day ban)
Massive Spam


Commands: !dban (disconnect ban, do when the person has left)
!xban (banning gui, suggested)

Ban is for if the person is constantly breaking the minor rules, or is breaking a major rule.

REMEMBER:  If a person has left, give a five minute join period for the person to come back before banning for leaving.

Ban for:
RDM + Leave - 1 day
Mass RDM - 1 week
Attempted RDM + Leave - 1 day
Slay Evasion - 1 day
Disrespect (Only after kicking once) - 1 week


Commands: !warn *name* *reason*

Give a warning to someone who is constantly offending.

Warn for:
Disrespect (Prior to kicking)
Staff Strikes (Read on.  Only to be used by high staff)

[NEW]Staff Strike System

To prevent constant abuse by staff, we have decided to come up with a strike system.  Any member caught removing their strikes will be removed of their rank, or staff privileges (includes donor mod, and custom ranks).

This system will work by the amount of proved abuse.  Without evidence, it will not be considered abuse.  Each time a staff member is caught abusing, they will receive a strike.  The warn will simply be for "Strike".  This indicates you have gotten one of your three maximum strikes before your demotion.  At the start of each month, these strikes will be removed, giving you a fresh slate to begin off of.

After many staff members disagreeing, and not getting along, this new system and tightened rule system has been made to help prevent further incidents from occurring.  We are making staff a much more serious rank to prevent any more issues of abuse, dislike, or drama.

All staff must read through and confirm that they have read through this.  Failure to do so within the next week will result in a demotion.

General Discussions / RULES
« on: June 13, 2015, 03:40 PM »
General Rules:
1. No spamming.  This includes vocal, and textual.
2. No pornographic sprays.
3. No cheating/hacking.
4. No racism.
5. No bullying or harassing of other players.
6. No asking for ranks.  If you would like to donate for admin, you can do so at
7. Don't have names that you can't target.
8. Only songs in the jukebox. Ex: commentary, or anything just with narrative content is insufficient and will be skipped. Parodies, for example, are allowed. As long as it is considered music in some type of form.
9. Admins skipping songs with an insufficient reason is considered abuse, and you can report it. Troll songs/artists, such as moonman - notorious ..., is considered a song, but is extremely racist as well as trollish content.

And most importantly...
Have fun!

Monthly Updates! / Monthly Updates! 1/2/16
« on: April 26, 2015, 05:27 PM »
What's New This Month?

TTT - Cleaning up the TTT server.  I am going to entirely redo the server for my use and new players.  The way I used to manage the server (as far as files go) was very cluttered and un-neat.  Due to this, there are hidden unwanted downloads within the server being downloaded to new clients, increasing initial join times. Once I redo this, it will be a lot faster for those new comers to be able to join and hop into the action.
Surf - None :|
DarkRP - None :|
Bunny Hop - Inactive Server
Deathrun - Inactive Server
Website - Cleaning up the website! I have been going through all the threads and making the website more uniform. I am also creating new threads and formats for all the needs of the website.

Do you have any suggestions for a server? Reply and tell us below!



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