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Title: TTT Staff Guide
Post by: Goman693 on August 23, 2017, 11:32 PM
Beast Gaming TTT Staff Guide

Command Menu GUI

The Command Menu GUI will show you the commands you have access to at your current rank and will make fulfilling administrative duties easier, but it is not required to fulfill those duties. It is recommended that if you use this GUI, you should bind "ulx menu" to a key you will remember.


Gagging someone removes their ability to use their microphone in-game.

Muting someone removes their ability to use the chat in-game.

Gag/mute after warning them to stop.

Only gag/mute for 2 minutes.

Gag for:
Mute for:
RDM Manager/Reports

Click F8 to pull up the RDM Manager. You can logs of the round and manage reports. You can view both statements from the players and decide who's in the wrong. You can slay from inside the manager by right clicking on the report and slaying choosing either the Victim or the Reported Player, setting the amount, and giving the reason.


Before you slay, make sure you used the RDM Manager to find the player in the wrong, and see both points of view.

The player has to stay for full round or it's slay evasion.

Slay for:
If a player falsely reports someone, or falsely responds to a report against them - Add 1 Slay in addition to any other RDM offenses.


Before kicking, confirm that the person is indeed violating the rules, and not joking around with people.

Kick for:


xban is the banning gui for when a person is still in the game.

dban is the disconnect banning gui, and should be used when the person has left.

Ban someone only if the person is constantly breaking the minor rules, or is breaking a major rule.

Always ban by SteamID.

Must put the reason for the ban or it will be removed.

Wait 3 minutes for banning because of potential game crashes, etc.

Ban for:

Slay Evasion is when a player leaves before completing their slay(s).

If a player get slayed for 3 rounds and they leave on 2 round of being slayed, only slay evasion with x2. (once player is slayed they may leave as long as there are no more slays)

Dealing with other Staff

Staff cannot deal with their own report. You must let another staff member deal with it.  If you are the only staff on you may deal with your own report.

If a staff member is abusing their power you must report it to a higher up staff member immediately. Try to get evidence of them abusing. Do not try to take the matters into your own hands.